Is Your Carpet Safe For Your Baby?

For most parents, a carpet is the perfect decor addition that can provide their kid with a cushy space to crawl and play on as well. While there’s no denying that carpets are a welcome decor accessory, over time, they do collect dust and dirt. If you do not clean yours properly, it will play host to a number of pollutants, including dust mites, heavy metals, pesticides, and other persistent chemicals. Needless to say, this will pose a serious threat to the health of your developing infant.

Without the right care, your favourite Persian carpet can evolve into a potential hazard. Here’s how you can prevent that.

Toxic Emissions

As the ‘cleaning pro parent’, you’re probably taking all measures to ensure that your surrounding environment is as safe for your child as possible. So, you launch into a DIY carpet-cleaning project. Unfortunately, what most carpet owners fail to realize is that the detergents that are utilized as cleaning agents could be composed of harmful chemicals that stay in the carpet even after it has dried. The result is toxic emissions that your child will inhale. It is absolutely essential to understand what products are safe for children, and whether they have any adverse effects.

For this reason, as professional carpet cleaning in Castle Hill we ensure that the cleaning agents used are free of any toxins that could be potentially harmful for your child.


Research conducted by various healthcare professionals around the world have found components of lead, pesticides and combustion by-products in house dust. Levels of persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) and lawn herbicides were also found that have been linked with long-term health effects. Experts have found that these dust particles were present regardless of whether the carpet was vacuumed on a regular basis or not.

Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive in carpet. While vacuuming, these float into the air, and settle down again once you are done cleaning. These can trigger your kids’ allergies. According to the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), Australia has one of the highest allergy prevalence rates in the world. Up to 40% of Australian children show evidence of allergic sensitization.

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