Carpet Cleaning Service Myths

We are all faced with myths disguised as facts in almost every walk of life, and carpet cleaning is no exception. Carpet cleaning myths may appear trivial on the surface, but like any misinformation, they can have an adverse impact. Let us uncloak the wolf hiding in Grandma’s garb, shall we?

Myth 1: I don’t need to hire a professional because I have my own cleaning machine

Fact: As much as we want to believe it, DIYs can never be as good as professional solutions, at least when it comes to carpet cleaning. There are more than one machines involved, which is why your carpet is plusher when it comes from a cleaner as compared to when you clean it yourself.

Myth 2: Once you get your carpet professionally cleaned, it will never look the same

Fact: It will look only better. If you schedule an appointment with trustworthy cleaners, they will ensure that your carpet is adequately looked after and all the contaminants and disease causing agents are thoroughly removed.

Myth 3: Carpet cleaning can replace usual vacuuming

Fact: This is a myth devised by lazy people. Regular vacuuming has to be a part of your daily cleaning ritual so that dust and pollutants on the surface are scooped out for a cleaner living environment.

Myth 4: Professional cleaning can ruin its look

Fact: Professional cleaning will only ruin its look if it is done by amateurs, which will render the word ‘professional’ redundant.

Myth 5: Don’t get your carpet cleaned unless it has a giant red wine mark on it

Fact: Don’t wait for the worst to happen! Your carpet goes deeper than its surface, where environmental pollutants, smoke bits, dust mites, and mold spores form a habitat.

Myth 6: Cleaning can shrink my carpet

Fact: Leaving the carpet damp for a prolonged period of time can cause shrinkage. This, of course, won’t happen if you avail professional services.

Myth 7: All carpet cleaners are the same, so I must go for the cheapest one

Fact: Like everything else in life, things that are too good to be true probably are. Cheap services will never give you a methodical cleaning experience.

Myth 8: Hot steam damages the carpet and it will get dirty faster the next time

Fact: The only thing that damages a carpet is leaving it damp for too long. Your carpet won’t get dirty faster the next time. The only thing affecting the rate of change from cleanliness to dirtiness is your activities.

Myth 9: I don’t need to have my carpet cleaned, I vacuum it everyday

Fact: Vacuuming only siphons off on-the-surface dust particles, and is not recommended for an in-depth cleaning.

Myth 10: Carpet cleaning is expensive, I am not going into that

Fact: Losing an expensive carpet will cost you more than the amount you invest in its proper cleaning.

Myth 11: My carpet has built-in stain resistance

Fact: Stain-resistant finish wears off with time, so don’t count on it forever.

Now that the most common myths regarding opting for professional consultation are debunked, book an appointment by calling at 1300 309 276 or visit our website for expert carpet cleaning in Sydney.