Useful Tips to Remove Carpet Stains

Spilled your morning cup of coffee on your intricate Turkish carpet because you were still half asleep? We have all been there, and it is a judgment free zone where you can share your troubles while we come up with the solutions. Carpets have adorned our floors since we evolved from hunters to agrarian beings. Even in the 21st Century, where it is all about contemporizing the interiors, carpets render that traditional, vintage glow to your house. It is only natural to have your Fosters spilled accidently on this symbol of rich human history. Let us be your guide on carpet cleaning in Ryde, Liverpool, or Sydney, and guide you on how to properly clean all your spills, splashes, blobs and dribbles!


Liquid beverages are the most easily spilled items and they require minimal effort to root out, unless it is red wine. Firstly, blot the excess out. Now alternate between spraying the stain with a detergent and a vinegar solution until it fades. Finish with a final spray of lukewarm water, and then blot with white cloth. This method is equally effective for beer, coffee and tea. For red wine, the best solution is using salt crystals and salt water along with some white wine and chilled water. For milk stains, ammonia is a life saver.

Sauces, Paint and Makeup

Ammonia is your go-to chemical in order to remove tomato sauce, white sauce and all sauces containing vegetable ingredients like mustard, tamarind, and chilies. You have to be especially careful with ketchup stains, because once they dry out, it’s nearly impossible to remove them. Sprinkle salt as soon as there has been a ketchup massacre on your carpet. Ammonia is also handy when it comes to removing paint and make up stains.


Solids can be tricky to remove as their difficulty level is hard. Firstly, remove the excess with a blunt knife. In case of tar, chewing gum, oils, ointments and polishes, use a dry cleaning solution followed by detergent-vinegar duo. Repeat the procedure until the stain fades away, and then blot it with a dry and clean white cloth. For eggs, ice-cream, blood, glue, and candy, ammonia works just fine.

Remember not to over-wet your backing cloth as it can make an even greater mess of the situation. Make sure you use recommended diluted ratios of detergents and ammonia, and always do a test patch before trying the cleaning solution on a large part of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning can be a taxing task and is not for the impatient (which is the most of us). Seeking professional help can ease your difficulty, plus you get an expert treatment and focused solution to your problem.

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