Why Steam Cleaning Is the Solution to All Cleaning Needs

Steam CleaningTo begin with, steam is a form of natural, clean water which is heated and converted into a powerful cleaning force.

It functions by weaken the bonds of dirt and grunge using blazing steam.

It is a very secure, trouble-free and affordable means of cleaning residential and commercial premises.

Above all, steam cleaning is an environmental-friendly cleaning initiative that makes no use of chemicals at all. As a result, there is no chance of detrimental deposits being left behind on surfaces—a source of illnesses among kids and pets. Moreover, steam cleaning is known to kill various kinds of bacteria including listeria, e-coli, and many more.

How Steam Cleaners Work

Apart from being environmental-friendly, steam cleaners are user-friendly too. Clean, fresh water is dispensed into the tank. The equipment utilises a heating component which boils water to the desired temperature, allowing the creation of steam. This process takes no more than 30 seconds. When the steam cleaner is turned on, the steam makes way through the nozzle to the cloth to be used for cleaning. The steam is consistently produced until the water tank runs out of water supply.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning homes and offices, steam cleaning offers a host of benefits for a great-looking, healthy and spotless carpets, furniture and floors. Keep reading:

Tile Cleaning

Thanks to their easy-to-use feature, steam cleaners take away all the troubles of scrubbing and rubbing tiled floors and walls. Often professional cleaners make use of special grout steam cleaners to effectively clean and eliminate black stains and blemishes that often build up in areas between tiles. Steam cleaners are capable of getting rid of toughest stains and grit that get stuck at hard-to-reach places—often shower heads, faucets, window crevices, frames, etc.

Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning

When attached securely, steam cleaners are outstanding means of cleaning and rejuvenating curtains, furniture and other upholstery. However, it’s best to hire professional cleaners who are well-aware of the kinds of cleaning methods to utilise for varying cleaning purposes. Moreover, steam tremendously aids in doing away with odours that settle in clothes, and creases too.

Carpet and Other Cleaning Needs

Cleaning machineSteam cleaners are also effective at cleaning carpets, consoles, and upholstery in cars, boats and other vehicles. Moreover, they work perfectly for eliminating pet hair from furniture, car seats and even carpets.

It is common for dirt and dust to get embedded in carpet layers and fibres. However, with a steam cleaner, they can be extricated effortlessly.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we utilise steam cleaning techniques using well-equipped truck-mounted steam extraction system that clean carpets, rugs, mattresses and more.

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