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Sydney’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals

How To Be A Popular Boss …?    Call on our team to Steam and Clean!

 Instantly Enhance The Image Of Your Facility.

We Have A Solution For Any Of Your Commercial Cleaning Requirements.

Adam’s Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney has been servicing many of the top commercial, professional and industrial firms in and around the Sydney Metropolitan area. We will customise a program with special rates to fit your Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning needs.

By professionally cleaning your carpet and upholstery you will be extending the life of your investment and providing a healthy work environment. We are available to clean at your convenience, day or night.

We are certified and have a tonne of experience dealing with all different types of Commercial Flooring.

What Cleaning Services We Can Offer You:

First and foremost, Carpet Cleaning.

We all know that Carpet Cleaning can be one of the most boring topics on the planet – let alone Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

But there comes a time when this issue has to be addressed.

Every Commercial Carpet is different, but we do have the latest equipment to ensure your carpet or tiles will be cleaned to the highest level possible.

The steam cleaning techniques we use have proved time and again to repel foot traffic stains and keep your carpet cleaner for longer. We won’t bore you with the nitty gritty of how it all works, but in a nutshell, we will:

  • Pre-spary your carpet with a solution designed to breakdown dirt and grime
  • Steam Clean the carpet using a truck mounted system
  • Sanitise and deodorise

Carpet Enemies are no match to our cleaning power.

Yes, we can easily blast away Chewing Gum, Paint, Grease and Oil.

If you own a restaurant, one of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up the place is to give it a good clean. A restaurant is a place where carpet has to endure the constant punishment of everything imaginable. It’s also constantly absorbing all the aromas of the days cooking efforts. The best way to maintain a good looking carpet is to get it professionally steam cleaned – every 3 to 6 months is the norm.

We also offer: a comprehensive approach to carpet maintenance, including Scotchguard Protection. Scotchguard is by no means a fairy godmother with magic powers. But it does provide extra protection in prolonging the carpets life by helping to repell stains and foot traffic.

What Is A Truck Mount?

Why Is It Important To Choose A Carpet Cleaner With One?


Our Truck Mounted machine – Sapphire Scientific 570 is one of the latest on the market. This machine produces heat levels of 250 degrees f+ and has unparalleled vacuum power. This means that your carpet will receive a deep down clean and will dry quickly.

This truck mount is so powerful that is offers dual wand capability. This means if you have a large area, we can have 2 technicians on site working simultaneously. This has proven useful for alot of Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Nursing Homes, Medical Centres, retail outlets and other commercial spaces, as it means less time out of action for you.


Water Damaged Carpet

If your office has been inundated with water, such as the recent flooding of 75% of NSW, then we have the solution for you. Flooded carpet can be a major source of pain for the business owner. It can lead to loss of income, Staff Safety Issues, Damage to property and more.

We do have an emergency service available. We can be at your premises within an hour to start the recovery process.

We can extract the water from your carpet and apply an anti-browning/moulding treatment.  We do have 25 carpet drying machines on stand-by to ensure even the most saturated of carpet space can be dried quickly and efficiently.

Let’s not forget our good old friends, Mr Tile & Mrs Grout. As with carpet, Tiles also endure an endless amount daily torture and regular cleaning and sealing should be taking place at least every year. Give special thought to the tile and grout found in bathrooms and washrooms. These tiles require more than regular mopping to stay truly clean. We can clean all your tiles to pristine condition.

Look, we are not miracle workers and we don’t have a magic wand – we are trained and professional technicians with a Carpet Cleaning wand, striving to present a clean workplace to the highest degree possible. We do guarantee our work and are available at a time that suits you.

We have been trusted to clean the carpet at Liverpool City Library, which is worth $1 million dollars. Now that’s a carpet we don’t want to mess up! Hopefully you will see this as a testament of our capabilities and quality of work.
We provide commercial carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Call on us for competitive prices and exceptional standards of service. Our professional office cleaning staff has the experience and expertise that ensures your complete satisfaction with our services. You can rest assured that Adams Carpet Cleaning will get the job done right, the first time, and every time. Give us a call right now!


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