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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon can I walk on the carpet?

A: Try to keep pets, children and heavy traffic off the carpet during the drying process. Carpet will be safe to walk on in 3 to 4 hours.

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Q: What about reoccurring spots & stains?

A: If a spot returned a day or so after cleaning, it may have been due to the nature of the spot. Deep stains tend to surface if they are in the backing of the carpet.

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Q: How often should a carpet be cleaned?

A: The frequency of cleaning will vary from one household to another, depending upon the number of occupants and the level of usage. At a minimum, you should clean once a year. I have had some homeowners express their fears that once the carpet is cleaned, it will re-soil more quickly. This fear is a result of improper cleaning on the part of many cleaning companies. Many of these companies, in an effort to cut costs and save time, will buy the least expensive cleaning solutions, won’t provide the proper training for their technicians, and will not offer a separate rinse step in order to remove detergent residue. If detergent is left in the carpet, accelerated re-soiling will occur. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning uses a more thorough method of cleaning that uses a rinse step after the re-spray process. This method removes deep down soil and leaves no detergents to accelerate the re-soiling process. The fact is the best thing you can do for your carpets is to have them regularly cleaned by a qualified professional carpet cleaning company. It is the build up of soil that promotes wear to your carpet far more than foot traffic. Foot traffic grinds the soil against the carpet fibers and causes a sandpaper effect. This will cause the fibers to dull and become warn looking.

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Q: How long does the carpet cleaning process take?

A: We are able to clean approximately 400 square feet per hour. This can vary slightly depending upon the amount of soil, how much furniture needs to be moved, specialty spotting procedures, and setup time.

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Q: Do you move furniture?

A: All of our packages include moving the majority of furniture in the main living area. (Most companies will charge you extra for this service) Beds, dressers, and heavier pieces are left in place under these pricing structures. Additional charges will apply to move heavier furniture. For liability reasons, we do not move china hutches, entertainment systems, pianos, or other valuable belongings.

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Q: Can you fix indentations from heavy furniture?

A: No guarantee can be made on removing indentations from heavy furniture. In addition to the pile of the carpet being crushed, the backing of the carpet is indented. Heat, moisture, and hand grooming with our equipment may help, but it will take time to release back to normal, if at all. Severe cases may be permanent.

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Q: Why should I clean my carpet?

A: Bio contaminants, volatile organic compounds, combustion products, asbestos, dust mites, chemical contamination, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, allergens, grease and oil deposits, sand, soil, food particles, bacteria, and a host of other really gross stuff will make its way into your carpet. Quite simply, your carpet acts like a sink. It collects and filters all of the above mentioned contaminants. This collection and filtering process traps these contaminants within your carpet, which in turns cleans the air you breathe and allows you to live a healthier life. Hard surface floors may allow contaminants to “roam” throughout the indoor environment.
But like any other filter, your carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, or it will lose its filtering ability. If these contaminants are in your home, they could be contributing to your family’s health and allergy problems.

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Q: Why should I have my carpets protected?

A: SCOTCHGUARD Carpet Protection helps you in two very important ways:
When this protective coating is applied to the carpet fibers, it puts a protective barrier around each fiber. This protective barrier resists moisture. When you do have a spill, it gives you a window of time to get it cleaned up.
The other important way that this product helps you is in the area of wear. Having this protective coating on your carpet helps reduce the wear and abrasion caused by sand in the carpet. This protects the carpet from excessive matting, and in turn will cause your carpet to perform better.

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Carpet Cleaning: Don’t Be Floored by It

Spare a thought for your carpet as you trample it to death, day in, day out. Put it top of the list when you’re planning your cleaning schedule and you’ll extend its life by years. You can’t beat the warmth and comfort of a carpeted floor, but don’t take it for granted. Clean it regularly to keep it looking like new; it’s also wise to budget for a yearly visit from a carpet cleaning

Vacuum your carpets at least once a week. If you own cats or dogs, keeping pet fur at bay means more frequent vacuuming; children also bring an incredible amount of dirt into the home. An upright vacuum cleaner with a rotary-brush, or beater, head will give best results.

Fitting your cleaner with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter typically removes close to 100 percent of dust and dirt, and an exhaust filter is also a worthwhile addition. Many manufacturers, including Dyson, Electrolux, Eureka and Hoover, supply cleaners with HEPA filters as standard.

It’s not only the obvious areas that need regular cleaning; vacuuming under lounge furniture, tables and beds is also recommended – every two to four weeks is ideal. If you have heavy furniture, enlist the help of a friend so you can move it about easily to get underneath it. Alternatively, use carpet savers, or castor cups, that allow you to slide furniture instead of lifting it.

Cleaning and vacuuming regularly prevents dust, pet hairs and other household debris building up on your carpets. Keeping your home free from outside dirt has other benefits – many allergy sufferers find that it eases symptoms considerably. Regular cleaning also means that you’re not faced with a mammoth task every time you unearth your vacuum cleaner, so make a start today.

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What You Need to Do Before Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

If you’ve found a carpet cleaning business that is listed in the Yellow Pages or a Flyer in the mail, don’t hand them any money just yet. Although it may seem like a simple procedure, professional carpet cleaning needs further thought. You need to either arrange or know the following matters before the carpet cleaners arrive at your house.

Heavy Fixtures in The Way? Call Professional Movers

For professional carpet cleaners, it may seem as if moving bulky furniture is a part of their job, but it isn’t. Don’t expect carpet cleaners to move a grand piano — that’s what burly movers are for. Hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting so the cleaners can cleanse all areas of the carpet.

Be at Your House When The Carpet Cleaners Arrive

As relieving as it would be, carpet cleaners are not psychic; they need to know the locations of any problem spots so they can clean the carpet thoroughly. This means you need to know where the spots are as well, so give yourself a studious tour around your house and take notes on the carpet’s troublesome parts.

The carpet cleaners need to know more than just the stain’s location. The history behind the blot should be told. Specific cleaning solutions are used to remove their respective carpet stains. All-purpose cleaners are for general clean-up jobs — they won’t work for getting rid of a red wine stain.

Ask About The Carpet’s Drying Procedures

You can take your inquiry further, but make sure you at least ask these questions:

  • How long will it take for the carpet to dry on it’s own?
  • If the carpet will have trouble drying on its own, then what type of ventilation is needed?
  • What should be the rooms’ humidity levels?

Make Sure The Pricing and The Services Are Upfront

In other words, be careful about a sneaky “bait and switch” scheme. Some companies may list a low price, yet when they arrive at your home they demand more money for a formerly unaccounted carpet treatment. An unusually low price is a warning sign that something is fishy about their carpet cleaning business. Your annual carpet cleaners should inform you of these important questions. It will make their service faster and better while giving yourself more worth for the price.

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