3 Mattress Stains That You Need to Clean Immediately

After a long tiring day at work, lying on your comfortable soft mattress is the only thing you look forward to.

At that moment, your mattress looks more like a haven to you where you can relax and stretch all that you want.

However, mattresses are prone to getting dirty because they’re one of the most used furniture in your home. And if you’re in the habit of snacking on your bed when you’re tired or while watching a movie, your mattress may even have multiple stains that were never properly cleaned.

If left untreated, these stains can get permanent overtime and deteriorate the fibres of your mattress. Not only this, but they also provide an ideal breeding ground for the growth of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and fungal infections.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 3 most common types of stains and effective ways to get rid of them.


If you have children in your home, you know that they can wipe their hands on almost anything—that includes wiping off the chocolate on their hands with your mattress. Not just the kids, grownups like us may also accidentally stain our mattress sometimes while eating chocolate. Chocolates are high in sugar content, fats, and other ingredients that can be detrimental for your mattress. Immediately clean the stain with this simple method:

  • Let the stain dry
  • Scrape off the dried stain using a flat edge object
  • Put a paper towel on top of the residue and run a mild hot iron over it
  • Remove the paper towel from the mattress in a way that the stains stick to it
  • Scrub the leftover stain mark using a laundry detergent, water and a microfiber cloth
  • Dry the cleaned spot using a blow dryer


Who doesn’t like watching movies on their bed cuddled in a warm blanket while sipping on hot coffee? —Probably, no one. But what if you accidentally spill it while laughing hard at one of the scenes? Immediately follow this plan-of-action:

  • Place a paper towel on top of the spillage and let it absorb as much coffee as it can.
  • Use multiple paper towels until the moisture is gone.
  • Spray a good quantity of stain remover that contains oxygen bleach on to the stain and let it sit for at least fifteen minutes.
  • Rub a damp sponge over the stain, rinse it to remove the absorbed coffee, and rub it again until the stain is gone.
  • If the stain doesn’t fade, reapply the stain remover and repeat the process.
  • Use a damp cloth to remove any residual of the cleaning solution and dry the area using a blow dryer.


Alcohol is another beverage that is very commonly consumed on bed and is very tough to remove if spills occurs. It can absorb deeper into your mattress and its active ingredients can damage its fibres. Here’s how to get rid of an alcohol stain on your mattress:

  • Create a mixture of 2 tbsp liquid dishwashing solution and four cups of cool water.
  • Apply the mixture on the stain and rub it using a sponge
  • Blot paper towels on to the affected spot to absorb the moisture
  • Repeat the above steps if the stain doesn’t go away in the first attempt
  • Clean the residual using a damp clean sponge and turn on the fan to let your mattress dry.

Despite the effectiveness of these remedies, some stains are so tough that they don’t go away so easily. If you’re struggling with any such stains, get in touch with Adams Carpet Cleaning. we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality cleaning services including mattress cleaning, upholstery & lounge cleaning, pet urine and odour treatment, leather cleaning and carpet cleaning in Liverpool, NSW, and other surrounding areas. For more information, call us at 0433 55 66 87 or 1300 309 276.

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