The 4 Worst Carpet Spills You Can Experience

Maintaining a home with carpets is a high maintenance task, to say the least. Every spill is a long-term risk, and if you have kids or pets at home, the fear of this happening is constant!

Most spills leave behind a stain; some being notoriously difficult to clean. In this blog, our experts reveal the worst spills you can experience and why they need to be avoided:


Accidents happen around the home, no matter how careful you are. If you or a family member hurts themselves while at home and blood is spilled on the carpet, it will leave a long-lasting stain. Dried blood is difficult to remove, so try to tend to the stain as soon as possible—after tending to the person’s injuries, of course! Use an enzyme laundry detergent and spray some water on it to clean the stain.


Bleach is used as a surface cleaner in most homes. It’s very potent and can destroy fibres and fabrics. If bleach happens to spill on your carpet, it will fade its colouring and damage the fibres. There isn’t much you can do to salvage a bleach stain; your only option is to call in professional carpet cleaners. We advise our clients to keep bleach away from carpeted floors at all costs.

Red wine

Red wine can cause significant damage to your carpets. It’s acidic in nature, which can affect the texture of a carpet and begin to break down its structure. It also leaves behind a dark stain which is difficult to remove completely. If you happen to have light coloured carpets, the damage a lot more visible. Blot the spill as soon as it happens. Keep blotting to remove as much moisture as possible. Do not rub the area with a cloth, as that will only encourage the spill to spread. Pour club soda over the spill to lighten the stain. If that doesn’t work, you can try baking soda.


Chocolaty treats are the best! So we can’t blame you if you were so busy enjoying a chocolate dessert that you dropped some on your carpet. Chocolate is food for the soul, but damaging to your carpets. Clean up the stain as soon as possible. It’s much more difficult to remove chocolate once it’s melted into the carpet fibres.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we can take care of any stain and spill on your carpets. We provide carpet cleaning services in Penrith as well as upholstery cleaning. Our technicians use the latest technology to deep clean carpets installed in your home. Book an appointment with us today!

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