5 Shocking Facts About What’s Lurking in Your Dirty Couch

We spend hours every day wiping down our kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, and floors to make them spotless. However, when it comes to the cleanliness of the most used items in our homes—couches and sofas—we often seem to pay no attention.

Many people don’t clean their upholstery until it is visibly stained and has a weird odor. Contrary to the common practice, soft furnishings like couch, sofas, and mattresses require the most maintenance because of the following five reasons.

Your Couch Is a Nest for Dust Mites

Carpets and rugs are not the only spots where dust mites make their nests—they love the cozy fibers of your upholstery too! Mites leave behind dead skin and droppings on your couch that, upon inhaling, lead to blocked airways, allergic reactions, and aggravated asthma.

Though vacuuming your couch every day is a good practice—it won’t help you keep the allergens at bay. To get rid of the mites completely, it’s crucial to call in professional upholstery cleaning services every six months.

A Playground for Bacteria and Viruses

Just like you, bacteria and viruses also love to relax on your comfortable couch. Families that own pets are at a higher risk of coming in contact with harmful germs. They travel to your couch, clinging on to your pet’s fur, and lay there until picked up by you or a family member. It’s better to get your upholstery sanitized by professionals who have hands on experience in the removal of allergens and bacteria to make your upholstery safer for everyone—specifically kids.

Mold Infestation

Mold tends to grow in the soft fibers of your upholstery, and the chances are higher if you live in a warm and humid area. Mold doesn’t just damage the fabric of your soft furnishings, but it also damages your health. Inhaling fungal spores can lead to asthma and other respiratory issues. Sitting or lying on a moldy couch can also lead to several skin disorders.

But humidity isn’t the only culprit behind mold growth. It may also develop because of the food crumbs that you leave on your couch while snacking.

See? Cleaning your couch and other soft furnishings is just as important as cleaning your carpets, bathroom, and laundry.

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