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A truly professional Carpet Cleaning company should do the following
  • Give you an upfront quote – no hidden charges or gimmicks and especially no “From’s” (Meaning – from $45)
  • Offer a Carpet Cleaning Guarantee
  • Turn up in uniform and on time
  • Be courteous and mindful of your home
  • Perform carpet cleaning to the best of his ability
Carpet cleaners should also:
  • Be certified by the IICRC (this Carpet Cleaning Institute only certifies those who have been trained to the latest standards. Although this is not a requirement by law, only professional carpet cleaners will go to the trouble of investing in this certification).
  • Have the most up to date carpet cleaning equipment available needed to perform the cleaning of your carpet to the highest standard.
  • Hold Public Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance.
  • Offer a detailed assessment and solution to your carpet’s needs.
Steps that carpet cleaning technicians should follow, for a Professional Premium standard:
  • Pre-vacuum your carpet to make it ready for the carpet cleaning procedure
  • Pre-treat stubborn spots or stains
  • Pre-spray the carpet
  • Agitate the carpet
  • Steam Clean the carpet
  • Sanitise/Deodorise/Scotchguard the carpet
  • Rake the carpet pile back to it’s original flow

It is recommended that carpets are vacuumed at least once a week and professionally steam cleaned every 6 months. This will help your carpet to retain its like-new condition. Other than the aesthetic reasons, the biggest reason for maintaining your carpet is Health Benefits for the family. All carpeting accumulates dirt, dust and grime from the backs of shoes, dropping and spills from food and drink, kids, pets, smoking etc.

Regular vacuuming helps to remove these particles from the carpet and helps to maintain its durability. Professional steam carpet cleaning will ensure your carpet’s life-span is pro-longed and guarantees a cleaner, healthier carpet.

The health benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning include:
  • Relief for Asthma and Allergy sufferers’.
  • A cleaner environment for crawling babies, who tend to put everything in their mouths.
  • General well-being in the home. If carpet accumulates a lot of dust and dirt, it tends to bounce around the room every time someone steps on it, or any other movement occurs. This aggravates the symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers’ as it affects the homes air quality. Professional carpet steam cleaning can also help to alleviate this problem.


For the Pet Owners

  • Urine in carpet never really dries out. It seeps into the backing and stays wet for a very long time. When it gets humid, urine will pull the moisture from the air reactivating the odour. That’s why urine can smell years later.
  • A visible urine spot the size of a baseball may actually be the size of a dinner plate under the surface.
  • Our Spot and Odour Removal Program breaks down the chemical makeup of urine leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and water! How great is that!
  • Proteins in urine work like glue bonding the yellow pigment to carpet fibres.
  • Of course, as with any stain, timing is critical. The longer a spot is on your carpet, the higher the risk of colour loss or permanent discoloration.
  • If your pets have urinated in you home, you can be sure visitors can smell it, even if you can’t! That’s why you need to call a specialist today! Call us on 1300 309 276.

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For an Honest & Genuine Quote from a
Certified & Licensed Professional
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