Common Household Pests (And How to Keep Them Out)

We understand how fed up you are of the pests that won’t stop infiltrating your house. They eat your food, ruin your furniture, and can even make you sick.

But all you need is a strong defense against these invaders to keep them at bay. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we have a team of experts who use safe and foolproof techniques to get rid of harmful pests efficiently.

Our team of professional pest exterminators suggests that you can protect your home from pest infiltration by finding out which pests live in your house and then employing the most effective method devised to get rid of them.

In Sydney some common household pests that you may find in your home are:


Termites feed on wood and dead plants. If your house is infiltrated with termites, they will chomp on any wooden furniture that can find and can destroy important documents.

Termites are attracted to moisture. To prevent termite infestation, make sure that the ground around your house doesn’t remain damp for long periods. Check your gutters and downpours routinely to make sure that they work well and aren’t clogged.


Mice are known to spread more than 35 diseases. They nestle in the lofts and cavities of your walls and can even swim up to your toilet if your drain is faulty.

To prevent mice infestation, place mousetraps at target locations. It’s also a good idea to spray mice repellent around your house every now and then.


Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders on earth. They might not be as harmful as other pests such as mice and cockroaches but nonetheless, should be treated with caution.

To prevent spiders from crawling inside your house, make sure that the corners of your ceilings are cleaned regularly. Make sure that the perimeters of your house are clean and there are no debris or woodpiles lying around.


Cockroaches can live in the warmth of your kitchen and can feed on your snacks. It’s known that cockroaches can spread diseases such as typhoid and dysentery.

The best way to prevent cockroach infestation is by keeping your kitchen clean. Don’t let the dishes build up in the sink and wipe up all crumbs and spilled food promptly!


A wasp sting can cause pain and irritation. Wasps can make their nests in your wall cavities or in the bushes and trees of your garden.

To prevent a wasp infestation inside your house, seal all entry points and pay special attention to your attic, and basement.


An army of ants can cause significant damage to your interior. Fortunately, most species of ants aren’t that harmful, but the sting of a fire ant can release toxins that can dilate your blood vessels can cause heart failure.

To prevent ants from invading your home, fill in any cracks in your foundation with grout or cement.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we offer carpet cleaning and pest removal services at affordable prices in Sydney. Call us at 1300 309 276 or 0433 55 66 87 or visit our website for more information.

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