Does your carpet have mould?

Mould in any part of a home is a huge issue. Not only does it cause significant damage to one’s health, but it also spreads through the space to contaminate it.

Mould in carpets is a huge problem. It’s a difficult to tackle since it grows in damp spaces and if you have carpets installed in your homes, you need to be particularly careful.

Here are some signs that your carpets have developed mould:

Musty odors indoors

Having a musty odor in your home is never a pleasant experience. It can cause allergies to flare up and is generally unpleasant to live in. If you happen to notice this odor in your home’s carpets, it could be due to mould.

The musty odor won’t be immediately apparent to you since you’ve become accustomed to it. Your visitors might point out a musty smell, if that’s the case; inspect your carpets for any damp spots. Mould can grow under the carpets as well; have a professional inspect your home to spot it and adequately treat your carpets to remove it.

Higher incidence of allergies

The presence of mould is known to directly affect the respiratory system and trigger allergies. If your family members have been complaining of breathing problems, allergies, or even bronchitis, there’s a good chance there’s mould growing in your home. Its particles become airborne and begin to affect family member’s health.

Damp carpets

Any carpet that’s left damp for more than a day is susceptible to the growth of mould. If you notice any damp spots in your home’s carpets, get to the root of the problem, it may be a spill that caused the dampness or a seepage. Have the underlying issue fixed and then have the carpets treated to remove all signs of mould. You have to be particularly careful with the carpets in your home’s basement.

Carpet stains

Generally, in a home, you know what each stain on the carpets is from. If you happen to notice stains on your carpet develop, especially green, white, or black spots, it’s a sign of mould growth in its advanced stage. The color is caused by the mould colony multiplying in your carpet.

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