Family Constantly Falling Sick? Your Carpets May Be to Blame

Pride yourself on maintaining a spic and span home? Believe it or not, your carpets are actually dirtier than you expect.  

The naked eye cannot grasp all the dirt, allergens and bacteria trapped within the fibres of your carpet. If you miss your annual or bi-annual carpet cleaning appointment, your carpet could begin hoarding up on bacteria and dust mites.

Dust mites are living organisms that feast on the dead skin cells we shed; hence they thrive in the home environment. Here are some of the issues that your carpets can cause

Respiratory difficulties

It’s easy to miss mould in carpets. We usually look out for mould in walls and wooden structures. Moreover, if you have a colourful carpet in your home, the spots that mould creates can be concealed by the designs on it.

The humid months are when mould is most active, and it attracts bacteria and allergens. Constant exposure and inhaling of such allergens can cause flu-like symptoms and breathing problems.

Dirty carpets can also initiate asthma attacks. Patients with asthmatic tendencies don’t tend to do so well when exposed to dust and bacteria found in carpets.

Skin irritations

Other than dust mites, dirty carpets can harbour carpet beetles and fleas in them. The eggs can survive in the fibres for many days. Once they finally hatch, they can cause a host of problems for your pets. It’s a cyclical problem since animal fur is one of the things such insects thrive on. As for the humans of the house, the carcasses of the dust mites can cause rashes and eye irritations.

Your immune system is compromised

Your body fights away toxins every second of every day to keep you in good health. Living in a clean room but dirty carpets can cause excessive stress on the fighting ability of your immune system. There’s only so much your immune system can battle. Eventually, with the bacteria build-up, your immune system will begin to give in. That’s how you can begin contracting illnesses.

Mycotoxins are the most dangerous type of bacteria that can originate from your carpets. It can weaken your immunity, making you susceptible to any and all kinds of illnesses, most common of which are respiratory tract and stomach infections.

So what’s the solution?

Vacuum carpets that receive the most trampling on daily! For areas that don’t receive much traffic in the house, you can get away with one or twice a week too. Secondly, invest in a good carpet cleaning service. We at Adam’s Carpet Cleaning provide carpet cleaning and steam cleaning in Penrith, Australia. Call us at 0433 55 66 87 to book an appointment.

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