Floor Décor For Christmas Dinner

With bells jingling and stockings dangling from a Christmas tree, your Ho! Ho! Ho-house also needs a Christmas makeover!

While Christmas celebrations keep most of us busy with decorating the arches and the hallways, the floor where all parties are going to be staged is largely ignored.

Floor décor is absolutely as necessary as decking up the rest of your house with boughs of holly. A panoramic view of your hall where the Christmas dinner table is going to be set must have appropriate floor lining to complement the aura of the occasion.

Floor décor can include oriental rugs to go as your centrepiece in the lounge by the fireplace or wall-to-wall carpets that cover your floor with velvety smoothness.

With time, carpets tend to wear off, or get stained with old spillages that have crusted into permanent scabs.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning provides guaranteed service to restore the newness and potential softness of your carpets with our carpet cleaning services.


The right rug can add volume, interest, depth, softness and variety to your room if selected aptly to blend harmoniously with the furniture and upholstery.

An oriental rug with intricate patterns woven into it in rich, bold or light subdued colours can add the perfect finish to a room sparsely furnished otherwise. The unique designs that display on such a rug add the much-needed wow factor to your living room, especially on a Christmas dinner! Being people’s most prized possession, they can be showcased as the centrepiece because of their aesthetic value.

Seeing them fade or wear out over time can be heart-breaking for a home maker. In order to keep them in the perfect condition customized cleaning and regular service to maintain its quality is a must.


Wall-to-wall carpets turn even the most ordinary rooms into a lounge furnished in royal taste. Adding a bold colour to your floor can be as visually engaging as a sober floor lining which transforms the raw look into a more refined finish.

Since they spread over the entire expanse of the floor, the chances of them wearing out are much greater than that of rugs which can be side-stepped or escaped while treading. A wall-to-wall carpet stretches all over encompassing high traffic areas such as the stairs and main corridors which cannot be avoided.

Fully lining the floor means that the furniture is also going to be set on the carpet which tends to leave marks where the pegs were digging into the weave. While cleaning your carpets, it is best to attend to these dented marks to give your carpet an overall refresh.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning

Run by a couple and based in Sydney, we are a carpet cleaning company which can handle all your preparations for floor décor for upcoming Christmas celebrations. We offer steam cleaning services for carpets and professional cleaning for all kinds of rugs.

Our specialties for special rug cleaning include stain removal to get rid of stubborn wine stains, pre-conditioning, and pet odour neutralizer to make your house smell of humans once again. The cleaning process also includes shampooing, deodorising, vacuuming, dry cleaning, water damage restoration.

Our carpet cleaning services are also aimed at giving your floor lining a thorough rinse or steam clean to retain their fibre quality and weave. Processes are customised to suit what sits perfectly which every kind of carpet or rug.

If you are based in Sydney, your floor lining is yearning from a makeover by us. Book an appointment now or later by calling us at 1-300-309-276.

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