Horrors Of A New Year Party For Your Carpet

Everyone bids farewell to 2018 while dining and wining in the company of their favourite people. The celebrations and dinner parties at home surely make the last few hours of the year memorable. But dealing with the aftermath of these parties is not a fun thing to start the New Year with.

Accidents like wine spills and food stains are very common during parties. Especially during the hustle bustle of guests coming in, it’s hard to protect your carpets and rugs from stains and spillage. They make cleaning stains literally the first chore lined up for you on the New Year’s morning.

Here are a few cases of how your carpets suffer during parties.

Food Stains

Food stains are inevitable if you’re having a party in a carpeted room. Be it your special red sauce pasta, mustard sauce or some other gravy, a little spill can turn into a big stain when walked on.

Food colours tend to last long if spilled on carpets which is why it’s important to clean them immediately. But since it’s impossible to do that during a party, the stain hardens into a permanent one. It gets worse if bits of food also get stuck and dry within carpet fibres—they rot in the crevices overnight and develop a stale odour the next day!

Wine Spills

Red wine is known to be one of the most stubborn to clean if it leaves stains on your carpet. The pigmentation in wine is because of tannins that give it its burgundy colour. It can instantly dye fabric fibres when in contact with them. This is why it’s important to get rid of wine stains immediately. White wine can also stain carpets even though not to the same extent.

Dirt and Muck

More often than not, the city experiences frequent showers as the New Year closes in. This means that all your invited guests come in with rain boots that carry water, dirt, and muck from the outside into your house.

No matter how much people wipe their shoes on the door mat before entering, there will be dirty footprints and wet stains on your carpet. If you’re hosting a party on New Year’s Eve, make sure to book a dry cleaning appointment for your carpet right after.

Grease Oil Stains

Fried items on the menu are a big hit in every dinner party! What comes along with them are oil stains on the carpets and couches. Someone could easily drop a pizza slice or a fried shrimp on your oriental rug and leave a greasy stain behind. These are not the only oil stains we’re talking about.

If you choose to protect your carpet by having people walk around barefoot, the high traffic will most likely soil the carpet. This is because our skin is naturally oily and the soles of feet can leave oily imprints in their wake.


If your party lingers on beyond a decent hour, chances are people will get too drunk to drive back home. This calls for more booze to last the night. If you have more than one guest who is wasted, it’s quite likely that someone will throw up on your carpet. It’s hard to bear the stench let alone scrub it clean. The longer it stays on your carpet, the more it soaks it and forms a stain.

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