How to Make Sure Your Leather Furniture Lasts a Lifetime

Many interior decorators are moving away from minimalism and embracing a decidedly mix-and-match aesthetic. So expect to see a lot of bold pieces—such as leather furniture—coupled with sleek items in 2020.

Leather furniture can add a luxurious touch to your home, but it comes at a significant investment. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your purchase.

Use a Stain Protector

Just this precautionary measure can save you a ton of trouble later on. There are numerous stain protectors available on the market, depending on the type of leather. A little research into what kind of leather couch you own can go a long way in ensuring its upkeep.

Clean Stains Immediately

Leather is a porous material, which means it absorbs whatever liquid it comes in contact with. This includes water, oil/grease, and, even sweat. Remember, the longer you leave a stain on it, the more difficult it’ll be to get it out.

So keep a clean, soft, and absorbent cloth ready in case something spills on your sofa. This will help you work stains out the minute something gets on the sofa.

Keep Away From the Sun

If leather is exposed to extreme temperatures or areas with minimal ventilation, it tends to crack.

This means you should avoid placing leather furniture too close to windows, air vents, or radiators. The light and heat can accelerate the damage.

Condition Regularly

Conditioning leather every few months is the best way to extend its life. It prevents your leather sofa from developing cracks and drying out. Much like dry skin, a dry sofa can become cracked and flaky. The last thing you want is little pieces of your sofa stuck to the person that just sat on it.


Most people don’t think about cleaning leather furniture if it’s going into storage. But “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply here. You need to get your leather upholstery professionally cleaned, dried, and conditioned before you put it into storage. So once it comes out, it’ll still be looking as good as new.

Even if you decide not to use it later, you can sell it at a better price.

Leather couches—if adequately maintained—add class to your living space. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning offers professional leather cleaning services in Sydney, NSW.

Our specialized tools, combined with years of expertise, make us the best at what we do. To get your leather upholstery deep cleaned and restored, call us now at 0433 55 66 87 or fill in this form here.

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