Keep an Eye Out for These Unwanted Pests This Autumn

The time between March and May is Australia’s ‘golden autumn.’ This is the ideal time to take a walk around the coasts of Sydney and enjoy the crisp, fall air. The leaves start changing colour and varying shades of red and orange take over the forests.

While autumn is highly pleasant if you’re outdoors, it can be quite a worry for homeowners. Just like every other season, fall brings unwanted guests with it in the form of pests. These pests don’t just make life miserable, but also infect humans with certain diseases.

Before autumn kicks in, here are a few pests you need to keep a lookout for:


According to the Huffington Post, the past three years have seen an increase in the number of cockroaches that invade homes in Australia. The most troublesome of these are German cockroaches.

They’re attracted to warm spaces and can be found under kitchen skins, garbage disposals, and cabinets. If you see a German cockroach in your kitchen, you should be alarmed because they can infest kitchen utensils and eventually, food. These cockroaches eat all kinds of food and then subsequently leave excrement around. To check if your house is infested, look out for their droppings. Typically, German cockroach droppings are small, dark, and look like ‘peppers.’ These cockroaches can spread a wide range of ailments and allergies if humans eat the food that they contaminate.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs don’t necessarily cause any diseases, but they’re by far the most annoying form of pests known to humans. This is because they make your skin itch and take away the peace from your night’s sleep, leaving you under-slept and irritated. Bed bugs also tend to prefer warm weather, meaning they increase in number in the fall.

Bed bugs are more likely to affect people who travel avidly and share mattresses and pillows with other people. What’s worse is that they quickly spread from one person to another and make their life miserable.

Because of how quickly they multiply, it’s almost impossible to stamp them out on your own. The most common place they hide in is the folds in mattresses. This is where you can spot either their eggs or blood spots.


Fall is officially the season of the rodents.

According to the government of Australia, rats can cause over 35 diseases, the most common of which is the plague. These diseases most commonly occur if your everyday food gets contaminated by rat excrement, saliva, hair, or direct contact. Seeing rodent droppings anywhere in the kitchen is a sure-fire way of knowing that your house is infested. Other than health hazards, these rats can also damage your house’s electrical wiring by chewing on it.

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