Mattress Protection Protocol: Tips To Prolong Your Mattress Life

Your mattress is the only object in your house that shares all your burdens without any demands.

An average mattress lasts for 5–10 years, but other factors also play an important role in its durability like, quality, weight and usage of the owner, and most importantly, care and maintenance.

You can follow these simple tips and have your mattress around for a long time.

Mattress Covers

Add a thin layer of protection against the dirt and spills with the help of mattress cover. They come in variety of materials synthetic and natural. If you have kids then a water-resistant cover made out of plastic or vinyl might be a good option.

Other than protection from dirt, mattress cover inhibits abrasion caused by frequent usage.

Change Bed Covers

Your body produces oil and sheds fine layer of skin at night. The accumulation of oil and dead skin on your bedding can be harmful for your skin and mattress.  Therefore, change your bed covers at least once or twice a week.

Body oil can leave marks and stain on your mattress, so change the bedding and wash it thoroughly.

Pad It

Mattress pads can be added, they are thicker than mattress covers. They prevent the body oil from seeping into the mattress and damaging the surface. They provide both comfort and protection.

Be sure to clean them frequently, like your bed sheets they are also accustomed to oil, dead skin, and dust mites.

Mattress Rotation

Change is necessary for everything. Sleeping at the same spot everyday can deform the mattress’s structure. Give them a chance to restore their shape by rotating them every 3 months. Moreover, you can distribute your weight along the surface in an efficient manner and limit mattress deformation.

Your Bed Is A No Food Zone

Breakfast in bed can be amazing, but the stains and crumbs you leave behind are damaging to your mattress.

If food particles are left on your sheet, they can attract insects or cause moulds over time.

Bed Bugs Beware

Invest in a bed bug-proof mattress if you have a slightest suspicion. Get immediate professional help to stop the bugs from spreading in the house.

Watch Out For Warranties

Firstly, invest in a mattress that provides good support. Secondly, read all the term and conditions of the warranty before purchasing the mattress.

For replacement or warranty claims, some manufactures require the mattress to be free of marks and with all tags attached. Lastly, make a claim if you feel the mattress is not of a good quality. 

Make A Bed For Your Pets

Snuggling with your cat before bed can be comforting, but the mites, fur, and slobber can be harmful for your mattress. Apart from this, urine clean-up can leave a nasty stain and smell in your bed. Get your pets a cosy bed of their own.

Mattress Treatments

The best way to prolong the life of your mattress is by getting it cleaned professional once or twice a year.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning sanitises mattresses, getting rid of spots and urine stains at an affordable price. Our mattress cleaning regime includes Dust Mite treatment. Call 1300 309 276 to get an estimate now.

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