Do You Have a Pet? Consider These Factors When Buying a New Carpet for Your Living Room

The Australian pet population was estimated to be around 29 million in 2019. That means that there were more pets living in the country than humans! Considering this fact, as well as the fact that 61% of homes have pets living in them, it’s important to choose home décor that will be able to withstand your playful furry friend.

Floor carpets are comfortable for pets to pad around or even laze on. Compared to hardwood or tiled floors, they also provide traction, preventing animals from slipping. Living room carpets also give them soft ground to stretch out on. These pros might convince you to add carpets to your home, but ironically, the presence of pets makes this a complicated choice.

Here are some factors you need to consider before you make a selection that both you and your furry loved ones will enjoy.

1.    Material

Choosing the right material from the get-go can save you from regular replacement and maintenance expenses. Avoid buying carpets with loops, as they are more likely to get caught in your pet’s paws.

The right carpet material is one that’s stain-resistant as well as durable. Nylon carpets tick all boxes, and being cost-effective, are a popular choice for pet owners.

Woollen carpets are also a popular recommendation from carpet experts, as they allow for easy removal of stains and boast high durability.

2.    Colour

Choosing a colour is a major dilemma for pet owners. You want a colour that compliments the room’s theme and furnishings. But you also have to account for your pets shedding hair.

You could choose a colour that matches your pet’s fur. This way, any hair gets camouflaged, and the carpet looks clean even if it’s not.

Most homeowners, however, go for medium to dark colours. These hide stains and pet hair in most cases.

3.    Quality

Good quality carpets tend to be pricier too. They are also more likely to be highly durable. The best way to optimize for quality, budget and longevity is to consider how high-traffic a certain area is. High traffic areas include the living room, dining room, etc. Similarly, places like the bedroom are low traffic areas.

You can opt for good quality, expensive carpets for high-traffic zones and get more affordable ones for the bedroom. This will help you better manage maintenance and replacement expenses. Moreover, since pets usually spend their days in these high traffic rooms, it makes a lot of sense to invest more in the carpets you place there.

Being a pet owner doesn’t limit your carpet choices, but it does increase the need for maintenance. Hair, stains and other residue are potentially detrimental to your and your pet’s health.

Regular deep cleaning o only gives you a healthier home, but also increases the life of your carpeting. If you are looking for residential and wet carpet cleaning services in Sydney or if your pet has ruined your carpet, reach out to us on our website or give us a call on 1300 309 276 to avail our services.

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