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Water Damage in your home is one thing you never want to have to think about, but if you’ve been a victim of water damage, you know it’s difficult to think of anything else.

In these situations it’s important to act fast or the damage to your home can be irreparable. Trying to repair the damage yourself can be dangerous for both you and your family. The reason is because as soon as water hits the carpet, the carpet fibers and the underlayer will start to breed mould and mildew. If left untreated you will start seeing brown spots all over your carpet and you will get an overwhelming musky smell building up.

Why Treat it Right Away?

Water damage to your home can be disastrous and the longer you wait to act, the more damage is done to your carpet and home. If left untreated, water can cause lasting damage to your carpet and the result is unhealthy mould and mildew build-up.

Immediate response is crucial to ensure that the damage to your home is minimal.

24/7 – WE ARE HERE!

This is why Adam’s Wet Carpet Restoration has experts available 24 hours a day to quickly and effectively clean-up all flood and water damage.

Our process begins with assessing the extent of the damage. Your furniture is then blocked off and padding placed underneath permanent pieces so as not leave lasting stains.

Our experts remove all excess water so we can better detect the amount of moisture within the carpet. High powered air movers are brought in to decrease the drying time.


  • When hit with flood or water damage the first important step is to stop the source of the leak or flood.
  • Secondly, ensure that you turn off all electrical items around the flood.
  • Upon arrival, we will inspect the damage and immediately start with the water extraction process.
  • We will apply an anti-microbial, anti-browning agent to the carpet to stop any mould build-up.
  • We will also steam clean, sanitise and deodorise the carpet.
  • Most importantly, we have 30 drying machines available to dry the carpet.

It is important to remember that time is critical when dealing with water damaged carpets. So trust Adam's Wet Carpet Restoration to take care of all your water damage needs.

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