What’s That Smell? Sources of Odour in Your Home and How to Deal with Them

Nothing can be more embarrassing than having a weird odour lingering in your home—especially when you have guests over. And then the most dreaded “what’s that smell?” makes it worse. However, there a number of ways to discover and deal with the culprits causing bad smells in and around your house. You no longer have to drench your home in room fresheners—it’s to get rid of these smells for good.

Ahead, we have rounded up some of the most common sources of lingering bad odour in your home, and what you must do about them.

Pet Odour

It won’t be wrong to say that pets are not a part of the family—they are family! But just as we, humans, can generate bad odours at times, pets do too! It typically happens when their cleanliness isn’t taken care of and their hygiene isn’t maintained by the owner. To address this problem, make sure you give your pet a nice warm bath every day and clean their resting spots with a non-toxic soap solution every once a week. Also, vacuuming the carpets, upholstery and under your beds can minimize the hair and odour buildup.

Wet Clothes in the Laundry Basket

Keeping dirty and moist clothes in the laundry basket in your bathroom isn’t a good practice if you want clean and fresh air indoor. If you must wait a day or two before the laundry, keep the dirty clothing in a bedroom or a closet. Bathrooms have high levels of humidity, and doing so will keep your clothes from soaking moisture and becoming damp.

The Trash Bin

Garbage stinks—it’s called garbage for a reason! Whenever you dispose of trash from your bin, there’s always some spill and rotten crumbs left behind. They can develop into gross and smelly build-ups over time that lingers inside your entire home. To make sure you’re not leaving anything behind in your trash can, clean it properly and spray diluted bleach on the insides of the can. After a few minutes, rinse it thoroughly using soap and water to get rid of the bad odours. Another way of keeping the smells outside is designating one trash bin for the stinky garbage and not waiting for the garbage bag to fill up before throwing it away—change the bag regularly.

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